Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Favourite New Site! Nora Whynot

Nora Whynot Perpetual Calendar

The guys at NoteMaker left me a very friendly email yesterday afternoon which i just have to share. They have new Delfonics diaries, they have these gorgeous MMMG cards, they have Japanese Masking tape on the way (sssh...that's a secret) and life at my favourite online shop seems as bubbly as ever.

New Delfonics Diaries @ NoteMaker

But the highlight was this link...passed on to the guys from a customer of theirs, Tracey. Started by a couple of friends who met at art school in the UK, The Nora Whynot Press focuses on contemporary silkscreen printing using traditional hand-pulled methods to create quirky and fun designs while keeping an eye on the environment.

Nora Whynot Homepage

Hand made, unique, recycled inputs where possible, local aussie made stuff which is just gorgeous.

Nora Whynot Garden Cards

Check it out and let me know your fav product...i think it's hard to top the Perpetual Calendar, but that's just me!

News from the Field: New Moleskine Colours!

Moleskine MyDetour and notebooks go hand in hand!

A quick update from the world of Stationery today with a new release range of the Moleskine Volant range. The volant is lightweight, compact and pretty funky and now has two more colour options available.

Moleskine Japanese Album - so many great uses for this guy!

Originally in Black, Green. Navy Blue & Pink, the Volant is now available in Red & Sky Blue as well! Personally, i love the lighter shade of the Red notebook and love Moleskine's current drive to keep expanding their range and introducing more variety. The classic is a classic, but we love colour and variety too, don't we?

I hate to double up, but I really love this MyDetour entry!

Also, there are now Volant address books - compact contacts!

Moleskine MyDetour entry - another great way to use your notebook

And in another piece of Moleskine news, the official site has put the Jury into deliberation for some of the MyDetour entries from San Fransisco. Check out the gallery and see some cool ways to use your Moleskine!

Friday, November 13, 2009

News from the Field: This is beautiful

Delfonics Linen Diary

Being so into stationery you can become habituated to the beautiful...Last week we were lucky enough to play with some Lamy 2000 Titanium Ballpoint pens. There are only 5000 of these in existence with 4000 confined to the European market.

Lamy 2000 Titanium Ballpen

It feels incredible, it's a 50g pen made of solid titanium and is a truly special item. I was wowed. Thanks to Notemaker for the privilege!

Delfonics Scola diary

But then, Scott here at Field Notes came in earlier in the week with a new Delfonics diary. These have only just arrived and after our nagging the guys at NoteMaker for more Delfonics we learned that it is in really short supply at the moment but more should be available next week.

Moleskine Artist Collection diary

And more is what we need. This really is the most gorgeous diary I've seen. I like the Rhodia diary - it's clever and the paper is beautiful. I like the Quo Vadis diary - Minister in particular - once again because the paper is so nice. I like a Moleskine diary too, especially the leather on the Artist Collection diary.
Quo Vadis Minister Planner

But this Delfonics diary is on a whole other, higher, level. Pictures and words can't do it justice. Just go find one, hold it and get yourself a new best friend!

Delfonics diary with cool elastic strap

And while you're at it, get a matching elastic strap and pen...stationery and fashion are now as one!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

80's is "RAD" again with MMMG

The 80s are back in far to many ways to name here. This may be a good thing if you are under 26 and weren't on the dance floor bopping away to Billy Idol circa 1984 with huge shoulder pads and hair big enough to rival Fran Drescher. Everything that is old is new again to you!
On the other hand you may be over 26 and have some cringe worthy clothing memories but on the whole the 80's brings back a whole feeling of nostalgia and fun! Just like this "RAD" stationery brand MMMG - just launched in Australia by NoteMaker. MMMG stands for Millimeter/Milligram - very creative indeed! Direct from Korea this is sure to be a new favored stationery brand by many - it is one our new favourites here at Field Notes Blog! Just like the 80's MMMG's stationery collection is loud, fun and often over the top - but in a good way!
We love their design aesthetic. Dedicated to creating unique designs the in-house design team comprises over 20 creative staff ready to look back to the 80's for inspiration while still creating a modern and current range of fashion stationery.
With a great range of quirky cards - who would we give the Vampire Spaceman Card to? Or the You Are Not Ugly Message Card to?
Or perhaps for ourselves a fun little Bear in the Forest Pen or a funny Face Pocket for our iPhones - each with their own unique personality. What ever your choice MMMG is sure to be a great gift and card idea for Christmas this year.Pick up your loud MMMG Kinder notebook, your orange fluro Matryoshka card, grab a Sunny Boy at the tuck shop and hop on your skateboard - the 80s are back kids!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

News from the Field: Moleskine new editions!

Moleskine is unquestionably one of the world's biggest names in notebooks and stationery and has possibly the biggest following of any one brand. And why not? The Moleskine notebook format is so simple, clever and useful and everybody loves a little black book.

Rather than rest on their laurels, however, Moleskine continues to change and stay fresh. Here are a few recent updates we've found scanning the net.

1) Moleskine Limited Edition 2010 Diary: Marti Guixe

We posted this a couple of weeks ago and love the limited edition design. The fact that the design on the patent leather editions is now to change every year makes these all that more special - a good way to track time. The good news is, Australian release is coming up shortly! Nothing confirmed yet, but the guys at NoteMaker have told us that they will be getting them soon enough!

Moleskine Museum Notebook

2) The new Moleskine Passions

Via Moleskinerie, the whole purpose of a notebook, the reason we love to journal has been distilled by Moleskine, articulated in a new Passions range. The New Moleskine Passions is a collection of six different journals to record and recall memories, thoughts and notes about six different passions: Recipes, Wine, Book, Film, Music and Wellness. Can't wait - although as always, we Australians inevitably will have to!

3) Moleskine Detour 2009: Tokyo is underway!

Again via Moleskinerie, the Moleskine detour exhibition is underway in Tokyo - possibly the world capital at the moment for design stationery. Check out this video of the opening night as well as Moleskine's Youtube page for more!

One of Van Gogh's Letters

4) Moleskine Museum Collection & Van Gogh's letters

The Moleskine Museum notebooks are a mainstay, special edition notebook in honour of one of the Moleskine's most famous users, Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh's letters have now been published online in an amazing format. Check it out and partake of some artistry, beauty and history.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Notebook! Zap by Clairefontaine

The leaders in sustainably produced paper, French manufacturer Clairefontaine, aren't just famous for their beautiful, world class paper but also their environmental credentials.

You can read their environmental commitment at NoteMaker, but basically the whole process, from managing the forestry from which the paper is sourced, to dealing with the waste of the process (eg: Clairefontaine's mill produces 80% of it's own power) is dealt with in house.

This ensures not only top quality and control over production, but most importantly, it makes Clairefontaine responsible for their actions and it is only by facing the indirect (often overlooked) costs of production that one can reduce them.

Their environmental flagship is 100% recycled paper, taking 106kgs of refuse and diverting it away from landfill and incineration and into 100kgs of beautiful paper.

Zap Books are chunky, page generous (320 pages per book) recycled books from Clairefontaine and perfect for sketches, notes and jotting. Available in 4 assorted cover colours, Zap Books feature 80gsm recycled plain pages and are in 3 sizes.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trends in the Field: Upsetting the status quo...

Embossed logo on a Rhodia Webnotebook

Regular readers of Field Notes will know that we've been keeping a close eye on the progression of Rhodia. It's incipient rise to the top of the Australian market is interesting to watch, as one after another gets converted to the Orange & Black.

Image courtesy of An Inkophile's Blog - great reading for fountain pen fans!

The hardest heathens to convert? Moleskine fans. That's why we love anything which compares the two legendary Europeans (such as our 2010 Diary review), a little competitive rivalry can only be good!

Ink on Moleskine paper thanks to An Inkophile's Blog

So I was pleased to come across a great review at An Inkophile's Blog comparing the Moleskine Classic Notebook with the Rhodia Webnotebook. To sum it up - if you use a fountain pen, it's Rhodia hands down. If you like impeccable form, Moleskine takes the cake.

Ink on Rhodia paper thanks to An Inkophile's Blog

Have a read, grab your favourite pen and let us know - which do you choose?

For the record, i have to go with Rhodia on this one...and a Lamy Scribble Ballpoint...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Field Notes Classics: J Herbin Ink

Via Spritual Evolution of the Bean, J Herbin Rouge Caroubier

Thinking about how easy it is to personalise your Rhodia pad, or how many people love to make their Moleskine notebook fully their own over the last couple of days has had me thinking about how important notebooks are. I mean, where would we be without them?

Via Spritual Evolution of the Bean, J Herbin Rouge Caroubier

I know that I fall into a state of near amnesia without my Rhodia Pad...but what's a pad without some ink? I use a Lamy Safari Rollerball everyday - the tip is indestructible and my hands love confirming to those Bauhaus contours - but have a real appreciation for the fountain pen users among us.

Via Spritual Evolution of the Bean, J Herbin Rouge Caroubier

Writing from a bottle of ink just seems I received a letter the other day from a seasoned fountain pen user and the difference was huge - it wasn't just correspondence, it was close to art.

Colour Swatch for Rouge Caroubier...of course it depends on your paper...

And you can get artistic with it which is where this blog is coming from. Reading recently Biffy Beans review of J Herbin Rouge Caroubier (please read her blog, for your own sake!) further emphasised the complexity of pen and ink, the nuance.

Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen

And to reach the apotheosis of artistic inky endeavors, you can always try calligraphy. We noticed that Inscriber just got a Lamy Joy Calligraphy pen and can only imagine how good the J Herbin Ink would flow through it! Has anybody used the J Herbin Rouge Caroubier before? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Rhodia Scooter...?

Via Rhodia Drive and the QuoVadis Blog, even though it's obviously not official Rhodia, this has got to be the coolest Vespa around. I wonder if the tyres have a 5x5 tread...?

Trends in the Field: Bloc Art

Gentian's Rhodia pad.

Following on from yesterday's post about Moleskine's myDetour exhibition, all about your Moleskine, your notebook and personalising an icon, Field Notes received a couple of emails just reminding us that there are plenty of other legends one can make their own.

BiffyBeans Rhodia Pad 8 Cover

Specifically, the Rhodia pad. The top stapled format is great for animated flicker art, especially the smaller pad 11 and 12. But even better is the cover itself!
eeShaun's personalised Rhodia cover.

The Moleskine's cover is great - durable, classy, quality. But there's not a whole heap to work with unless you go so your local embosser. The Rhodia Bloc pads, on the other hand, are perfect for making them your own.

Mitch from Flickr's Pad cover.

If you need some inspiration, see below or any of the following great blogs and pages. There's Rhodia Drive, eeShaun's cool design, heaps on Flickr, like Gentian's cover, Granny Kaas, Mitch, and of course there's Biffy Beans too.

Paul Smith's Rhodia pad designs. via OhJoy

In fact, it's so easy, so perfect, Rhodia sanctions the act. As we know, they're letting designer Paul Smith have free reign (I love the photographer above) over their pads and we can't wait for the results! We'd love to see any personlised Rhodia pads out there from the Field so get sharing Rhodia fans!

Monday, October 12, 2009

News from the Field: Moleskine MyDetour Update

Moleskine's wildly successful and innovative creative relay is about to hit what we at Field Notes consider to be the current global trend setter in stationery - Tokyo - as the MyDetour exhibition makes a stop in Japan's capital from October 16-November 4.

MyDetour entries from the San Fransisco leg of the creative relay.

Via Moleskinerie and, 5 of Tokyo's hottest designer book and stationery stores will host drop boxes where creative notebook lovers will deposit their decorated Moleskines.

Moleskine notebooks personalised.

To reward their disciples, Moleskine will invite the winner (ie: the most amazing notebook) to myDetour in 2010 and the 10 best books will be in an online gallery.

Geografia Globe - Japanese stationery is in bloom!

So keep myDetour on your radar as the Tokyo entries are sure to amaze.

Rhodia Metallic on display in Tokyo's Orange & Black Boutique.

Tokyo's stationery scene is huge - Rhodia in every high end fashion shop, Moleskine on every corner and niche producers like Geografia producing some ground breaking stuff.