Monday, May 11, 2009

Field Notes Classics: Custom Moleskine Notebook

Image courtesy of The Corsarius
Moleskine notebooks are one of our favourite places to hold the written word, and with the 2009 Emerging Writer's Festival just around the corner in Melbourne, we're feeling very wordy here at Field Notes!

Image courtesy of the great team at Moleskinerie
So many icons of literature and art have used Moleskine to contain their machinations - from Hemingway to Picasso and Chatwin - and undoubtedly held each of their notebooks to be truly their own.

We love the idea of the personalised notebook - to take what once merely contained your creativity to being a true expression of it - and so can't get over and visit the Moleskine Design Wizard application.

Image courtesy of Moleskine
It's an online tool to create customised pages which fit neatly and perfectly into your Moleskine! It's great for images, calendars and address book changes and is just fun to play around with.
And as nice as customised pages are, nothing beats a customised cover. Engrave Your Book, based in the US, offer a nice service. But why not design your own and see it on sale if you win NoteMaker's Moleskine Design Competition.... not to mention the great prize pack for the winner, including an iPod Nano!

Image courtesy of Moleskinerie
For Moleskine junkies like us (and Oh Joy!, and Meg Hunt...), this is the chance of a lifetime...

Image courtesy of the amazing Meg Hunt
So move over Hemingway, and tell Picasso the news!


  1. the projectivistMay 13, 2009 at 8:42 PM

    thank you so much for that link!
    i just discovered you guys today - posted a bit of linkage on my blog.
    lovin' your work!

  2. No problem!

  3. That steampunk apocalypse notebook is beautiful!

    Where can I buy one?!!