Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trends in the Field: 3 Little things we really love!

We’ve seen some really cool new stationery items from around the globe so we thought we’d draw up a quick little stationery wish list (for this week!) of all the good things that Australia just can’t provide us with at the moment.

1) Quo Vadis Equology

Image Courtesy of Quo Vadis

We love stationery (obviously) but we love even more when it’s made sustainably and to super high standards. The Quo Vadis Equology is a completely recycled planner! Best of all, since it’s Quo Vadis, you just know that the paper (90 g alkaline/neutral paper) will be crisp, very white, and great to write on. Just a few of its finer points include that it contains 100% post-consumer fiber, manufactured using biogas energy and even the cover is made without chlorine!

2) Rhodia Pad 10

Image Courtesy of Quo Vadis Blog

We saw this on the Quo Vadis Blog and just love the idea of it. I mean, when the iPod was just too big, they made an iPod Nano and when our Rhodia Pad 16 is just too big to have on us at all times, we wish there was a Pad 10! It’s not too different from the Pad 11, but it is just that essential fraction cuter. Great for testing out the new fountain pen ink we saw on Inscriber and would make a great little Flick Book (maybe Paul Smith inspired?) when waiting for an appointment or the train.

3) Delfonics Roll Pen Case

Image Courtesy of Kakaku

This is the coolest Pencil Case we've ever seen. It may not be as cute as some, but we love the style, the practicality and the Delfonics quality finish. Delfonics are just one Japanese company who are really a step ahead of the stationery world, making some beautiful and functional stuff. We love it all!

There's plenty more, of course, so drop us a comment or email about your favourite little things!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Site of the Week: Inscriber

Image Courtesy of Inscriber

Following on from our Site of the Week last week (My Messy Room!) we're following up with some big news for stationery lovers for this week's site of the week.

Image Courtesy of Inscriber

We mentioned recently how Calligraphy was a way to really have an impact and how letter writing is a dying form of communication, which is to say, one with meaning.

Image Courtesy of Inscriber

Well our friends at NoteMaker have spun off into the world of fine correspondence stationery and wax seals and opened a new store: Inscriber.

Image Courtesy of Inscriber

From the About Us:
"Inscriber is dedicated to the art of the written word; calligraphy, hand written correspondence, the finest papers and delectable inks and sealing wax in all colours of the rainbow."

Image Courtesy of Inscriber

Sounds great! And looks even better. The photography is really gorgeous and does the big names of fine stationery, like G Lalo and J Herbin, proud!

Image Courtesy of Inscriber

So check it out. We're about to go and order a custom wax seal: the perfect touch.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News from the Field:Design Competition Update

It was bitter sweet news when we heard that the limited edition 2009 2010 Moleskine 18 Month Diary from NoteMaker's Annual Design Competition had sold out.

Bitter, of course, because it meant there were no more but sweet to see such support for a unique design and a cool competition.

So, we were super happy this week to find out that a second pressing has been released! It's not the 18 Month diary, but the Moleskine 2010 Weekly Diary and it has the funky "To Do List" design embossed too.

The guys at NoteMaker have told us that numbers are limited for this edition too and since the first version sold out so quickly, we're gonna get in fast.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trends in the Field: Custom Calligraphy

Image Courtesy of Paper Tastebuds

Reading through one of our favourite blogs recently, Paper Tastebuds, and happened across this gorgeous post about custom Calligraphy.

Image Courtesy of Paper Tastebuds

The menu and program really show just how much difference proper calligraphy - real art - makes and are the perfect touch here. Gets me thinking that it's a skill with real old world charm which is worth learning.

Image Courtesy of Paper Tastebuds

It's like Malcolm Gladwell says in The Tipping Point: electronic messages are out, meaningless. The only stuff that matters is by word or mouth or hand written.

Image Courtesy of Paper Tastebuds

So get letter writing and make a difference!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Trends in the Field: Post-It-Notes as Art

We mentioned a while ago the artistic potential in the common sticky note and how Suck UK is using them to democratise the ancient art form of Origami, but this video here is stepping it up a notch!

It's a youtube sensation, a blog sensation (we heard about it via Harold's Kids), a digg sensation and a twitter sensation. And all with good cause, more than anything, it's seriously cool.

So, if anybody (anywhere!) can do better, with desk accessories and stationery, we'd love to see it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

News from the Field: NoteMaker 2009 Design Competition Winner!

Winning Design by Grace Lee

Our friends at NoteMaker have finally announced the winner of their 2009 Annual Design Competition (above) featuring the Moleskine 2009 2010 18 Month Diary! The limited edition of the winning design is now available to purchase, we're told, from NoteMaker and will ship from early next week onwards. So go and celebrate local design!

Shortlisted Design by Elyse King

This is definitely a great chance for Moleskiners (SkineArt, anyone?) and fans of grass roots Aussie design (like the guys at Grafik Museum) to get a really unique version of a stationery icon.

Shortlisted Design by Brentt Grigson

We really love the winning design ourselves: the real sketchy feel of it, like a page straight out of anyone's diary who's relying on their diary to juggle their life!

Shortlisted Design by Kristal Yeung

So well done to the winner - Grace Lee - and everyone who entered. The guys at NoteMaker have sent over a few of their favourite entries and there's a FlickR gallery as well of some of the shortlisted entries, so check it out!

Shortlisted Design by Cathryn Ruhle

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Filed Notes Guest Blog: 3AW's Personality Pete!

Today we've got a guest blog from self-proclaimed fountain pen lover - 3AW's Personality Pete - on just why fountain pens and world class paper are a passion of his. Without further ado, here are Pete's thoughts on these icons: paper & ink.

"Some people just don’t understand it. People still use fountain pens? They still carry ink in a small bottle and dip the nib of their pen in the bottle and fill it? They then wipe the nib with a tissue to get rid of the residue?

Trust me - it’s one of life’s great pleasures.
I do it everyday. I choose between my fountain pens like my wife chooses what jewellery to wear. Shall I take the Parker 75 with the fine nib, or maybe the chunky Lamy Safari with the italic nib. If it’s a formal function maybe my Mont Blanc would be more appropriate or if I am heading to the footy maybe I should grab my Lamy Safari in royal blue and white (I made it out of two pens). On any given day I could use 4 or 5 different fountain pens. I usually carry up to ten in my briefcase.

The feel of a fountain pen nib gliding across paper is just such an amazing feeling. There is not a machine in the world that can make two nibs identical. Every nib has its own personality and, as such, is a different writing experience. Get yourself a fountain pen – you don’t have to spend a fortune. Then begin the bigger search for pads and notebooks that like your pen. No more will you be able to write on those cheapo pads you buy from one of the discount department stores.

You will become a choosey pad person looking for something to complement your fountain pen. Something made of paper where the manufacturer was as fussy about quality as the company that made your fountain pen. Look no further.
For several years now I have been importing my own pads and notebooks for the US because the brands I love weren’t available here. That is an expensive task because not only are the pads expensive, I had to add the shipping costs. My justification to my wife was simple – I don’t drink or smoke so this is my hobby. She bought that.

But now I can buy locally. Thanks to NoteMaker, Rhodia and Clairefontaine pads and notebooks are available here downunder. This was almost as exciting to me as 1975 when my beloved North Melbourne Football Club won its first premiership.

Rhodia and Clairefontaine have a great story about a family company in France that is dedicated to producing quality stationery for around 90 years. Treat yourself and grab a notebook or pad from either range. If you use fountain pens or gel pens then you are about to have one of life’s great writing experiences. If you use pencils or ballpoints then you will also have an exciting time feeling the ease with which your choice of writing stick just glides across the paper. Get excited about a company that prides itself on excellence.

Rhodia and Clairefontaine products ooze class. The writing experience makes the investment worthwhile. You’ll love them. If you have an interest in fountain pens then check out the Fountain Pen Network. I’m inkypete – you’ll find me in there somewhere, as well as heaps of information on fountain pens, paper products and all things associated with fine writing.

Happy writing!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Field Notes Icons: Paper & Ink

Image Courtesy of Spiritual Evolution of the Bean

Some big news recently for all of us who are a bit fussy about our paper and ink involving the Rhodia Webnotebook. Currently available with 80g paper, this is a favourite of fountain pen users (like our friends at the Fountain Pen Network) and people who love a smooth, high-performance paper...and it's about to get even better!

Image Courtesy of Spiritual Evolution of the Bean

News from ths US that Rhodia is soon to release a new Webnotebook with even better paper stock! The new Webnotebook (available in the US from July) will feature the legendary Clairefontaine 90g paper stock - the most bleed-proof and smooth paper we now of in a notebook.

Image Courtesy of Spiritual Evolution of the Bean

To see just how good this paper is, check out this great review at Spiritual Evolution of the Bean or a great review at Whatever featuring the Clairefontaine Cloth Bound Cahier.

Image Courtesy of Spiritual Evolution of the Bean

After a bit of sleuthing, we've learned that the new 90g paper version of the Webnotebook will be available in Australia towards the end of the year and we can't wait! So, for anyone as desperate as we are to try it out, you can check out this competition at Rhodia Drive (via Potentially Percipicacious)to win one of these newbies!

Image Courtesy of Office Supply Geek

We'll let the US' Office Supply Geek have the last words on the performance of this notebook: "The smooth writing experience is one thing, but it is also important to note that this paper handles the ink very well, there was no feathering and certainly not enough bleedthrough to be a distraction, in fact if I had to rate the bleed through on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the best, Id give it about a 1.5…so overall its just really awesome paper."

Image Courtesy of Office Supply Geek

Can't Wait!

Friday, June 12, 2009

News from the Field: NoteMaker 2009 Design Competition Winner Announced...

Gaping Void's Advertising Moleskine

...next Tuesday!

Following on from our blog about our Moleskine Top 5, we can't wait to hear who wins the NoteMaker 2009 Annual Design Competition, featuring the Moleskine 2009 2010 18 Month Diary.

Flying animal skineart via Frankie via Skineart

Better still, the winning design will be available to purchase soon, so we can all enjoy the grass-roots talent in Australian design amongst the stationery loving community.

Trends in the Field: Mind Mapping with Rhodia

Well, we've heard that the Behance Idea Paint will soon be available in Australia and we're getting anxious to try it out! And whilst patience is a virtue, the time to brainstorm has come and we need a fix so thanks to Caroline for dropping us a suggestion to try some mind mapping, while we wait.

Apparently, Mind mapping is used to generate new ideas, structure thoughts and streamline creativity around a central theme or key word. It thrives on a plethora of new ideas, cross-concept associations, metaphorical thinking and outside-of-the-box collaboration ending with a wealth of information, intuitively organised.

Thinking which is natural and organic. (and can even help save the world!)

So, for your next brainstorming session, grab some paper, pens and a team with their thinking caps on and get mapping!

We can't wait to try this out on our Rhodia #38 Pad from NoteMaker for some upcoming blog ideas and would love to see some Field Notes readers' mind maps - so drop us a comment or email us your own.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trends in the Field: Rhodia Love!

We're very happy to report this morning that the love for Rhodia continues to grow, spreading through the designers and student communities of Australia!

The Rhodia range has only recently been released onto Australia's shores and it is starting to get the respect that it deserves.

The guys at the Three Thousand sum it up nicely: It's orange, it has pages, they're all perforated, you can fold the cover up. And you know what you'll look like? A person who is interested in taking notes.

Don't forget your Rhodia Pencils too if you really want the look!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News from the Field: Agelio Batie's Hand that writes...

Image Courtesy of Agelio Batie

One of our favourite blogs at Field Notes is the Quo Vadis Blog - all about planning, people and paper, who posted recently about May's 2009 US National Stationery Show.

Image Courtesy of Quo Vadis Blog

The highlight was mentioned in this post about San Francisco sculptor and artist Agelio Batie's incredible drawing hand sculpture. The drawing hand is made totally from graphite and is both a poetic metaphor and a functioning tool with all points of it's surface able to draw and write.

Image Courtesy of Agelio Batie

We agree with the guys at Quo Vadis that it's probably not an everyday item - how could anyone happily erode such beauty and craftsmanship? - but it is an unquestionably accomplished sculpture - a reminder of the creative capacity of the hands and the importance and meaning of writing.

Image Courtesy of Agelio Batie

Agelio also has other sculptures in the series, so check out his work.

Field Notes Icons: Moleskine - Our Top Five

So we've decided, our fellow stationery friends, that since we all love our Moleskine diaries, journals and notepads enough to dedicate hours to decoration, embellishment and blogging about them we should do a Moleskine Top 5!

As such we have compiled our current Top Five of Moleskine features online... here we go!

Gaping Void's Advertising Moleskine
1. Gaping Voids Advertising Moleskine - Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void Blog was commissioned by Dave Whittle, an Aussie advertiser to create the above art work drawn on the pages of a Moleskine.
We love the message:
"If you talked to people
the way advertising
talked to people
they'd punch you in the face"
Maybe a bit too true.....

Flying animal skineart via Frankie via Skineart
2. Frankie loves Skineart too!
So our regular Field Notes Blog readers know that we love Skineart but how excited are we that our favourite magazine Frankie loves them as much as we do! Louise over at Frankie features her favourite Skineart and Louise we agree.....it is a great portal for artists and doodlers just like us!

Hickory Dickory Dock via Peter Van Allen on Flickr
3. For a real art hit you can also visit our favourite tag on Flickr 'moleskine'. This is truly an overload of indulgent design and art from other Moleskine lovers. You should upload your own! We love Hickory Dickory Dock from Peter Van Allen's profile this week.

Lobster Legs via Big Window via Moleskine
4. Moleskine Monday! We can't take any of the credit but we do love the idea of Moleskine Monday as seen over at Big Window. What better way to beat 'Mondayitis' than with a regular Moleskine hit. We have now popped this in iCal and will be visiting you every Monday Big Window - thanks.

Polaroid Moleskine Album
5. Cool Polaroid Moleskine Album.... sorry not sure if it is available down under! But we sure do love that Polaroid stripe.

And don't forget to shop the complete range of Moleskine products in Australia including diaries, journals, sketchbooks and city notebooks: visit our friends at NoteMaker..... they have a special offer on much of their Moleskine range and value bundle packs that will save you a packet!

Also if you spend over $59 your order is shipped free of charge within Australia!

Now you can get creating your own Moleskine Top Five!