Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trends in the Field: 3 Little things we really love!

We’ve seen some really cool new stationery items from around the globe so we thought we’d draw up a quick little stationery wish list (for this week!) of all the good things that Australia just can’t provide us with at the moment.

1) Quo Vadis Equology

Image Courtesy of Quo Vadis

We love stationery (obviously) but we love even more when it’s made sustainably and to super high standards. The Quo Vadis Equology is a completely recycled planner! Best of all, since it’s Quo Vadis, you just know that the paper (90 g alkaline/neutral paper) will be crisp, very white, and great to write on. Just a few of its finer points include that it contains 100% post-consumer fiber, manufactured using biogas energy and even the cover is made without chlorine!

2) Rhodia Pad 10

Image Courtesy of Quo Vadis Blog

We saw this on the Quo Vadis Blog and just love the idea of it. I mean, when the iPod was just too big, they made an iPod Nano and when our Rhodia Pad 16 is just too big to have on us at all times, we wish there was a Pad 10! It’s not too different from the Pad 11, but it is just that essential fraction cuter. Great for testing out the new fountain pen ink we saw on Inscriber and would make a great little Flick Book (maybe Paul Smith inspired?) when waiting for an appointment or the train.

3) Delfonics Roll Pen Case

Image Courtesy of Kakaku

This is the coolest Pencil Case we've ever seen. It may not be as cute as some, but we love the style, the practicality and the Delfonics quality finish. Delfonics are just one Japanese company who are really a step ahead of the stationery world, making some beautiful and functional stuff. We love it all!

There's plenty more, of course, so drop us a comment or email about your favourite little things!

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