Friday, June 5, 2009

Trends in the Field: Geografia & Delfonics straight from Japan!

Image Courtesy of Voyageur

Whilst we've been bogged down in Melbourne working away, some friendly spies of ours have been having a ball at the Japanese 2009 Stationery Fair.

Whilst there's plenty to see, the two brands we've heard about which we really love are Delfonics and Geografia.

Image Courtesy of Geografia

Delfonics is famous for its colourful pens, notebooks and other imported and locally designed desk accessories and watches and is considered the height of upmarket Japanese Stationery...and we really would love to get our hands on some! It's gorgeously designed and even has a quirky sense of humour!

Image Courtesy of Rakuten

And for anybody who can read Japanese, Delfonics have a super cool blog called Voyageur...I'll admit that i can't read it, but the photography is beautiful.

Image Courtesy of Geografia

Geografia is another Japanese brand who do some really unique and seriously cool map themed stationery. Check them out: designer stationery in Japan is buzzing!

Image Courtesy of Geografia

Drop us a comment with your thoughts about these beautiful Japanese gems or anything else which has caught your eye!

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