Friday, June 12, 2009

Trends in the Field: Mind Mapping with Rhodia

Well, we've heard that the Behance Idea Paint will soon be available in Australia and we're getting anxious to try it out! And whilst patience is a virtue, the time to brainstorm has come and we need a fix so thanks to Caroline for dropping us a suggestion to try some mind mapping, while we wait.

Apparently, Mind mapping is used to generate new ideas, structure thoughts and streamline creativity around a central theme or key word. It thrives on a plethora of new ideas, cross-concept associations, metaphorical thinking and outside-of-the-box collaboration ending with a wealth of information, intuitively organised.

Thinking which is natural and organic. (and can even help save the world!)

So, for your next brainstorming session, grab some paper, pens and a team with their thinking caps on and get mapping!

We can't wait to try this out on our Rhodia #38 Pad from NoteMaker for some upcoming blog ideas and would love to see some Field Notes readers' mind maps - so drop us a comment or email us your own.


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