Monday, July 13, 2009

Field Notes Icons: Behance Action Method

Image courtesy of JCReport

We love the Behance Action Method approach to creativity and productivity. For those who are unfamiliar with this cutting edge technique for getting things done, the Action Method organises all of your projects into their basic elements, crystallising the steps needed to take action and make things happen.

There are online and even iPhone applications of the Action Method but we have to admit that our favourite is the offline, paper based range of products which are perfect for meetings and also for design and brainstorming.

Behance User Heather Ann-Snodgrass' work thanks to BehanceMag

The Action Method delivers clarity to ideas as it was originally developed in specific response to the needs of creative industry, where too many ideas get lost to concept and forgotten about when it comes time to make things happen.

You can follow this link to read more about the Action Method and why the world's brightest (like speakers at the world changing TED conference) can't get enough of it and if your meetings need to be sharpened just a little further, the range of offline solutions are stocked exclusively in Australia at NoteMaker.

There's also the Behance store for all of the online applications, for people who need Action on the run.

We recommend the Behance Action Book to harness the group's energy and the Behance Dot Grid Book for those quiet times of conceptualisation and contemplation. And if your business is overflowing with creative enrgy, you can even plaster the walls with it (well, almost...) as we mentioned in this post here.

Image thanks to IdeaPaint

If you've found other ways of getting the most out of your meetings and creativity, let us know! Even with Behance on our side, we can all use an extra hand!

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