Friday, July 31, 2009

News From the Field: Rhodia and the new Diary Wars!

Big news right before the weekend drops for all you lovers of organisation! The legendary French icon Rhodia is launching a diary for 2010! This is big, big news for those of us who have always loved and gone straight to our Moleskine diary...or a big decision rather.

The tried and true, the exalted Moleskine? or the up and comer, the cocky young Rhodia? We all know Rhodia have been making amazing stationery (just try a Bloc Pad) for 75 years but this is their first go at a diary, which has been made in conjunction with Rhodia's sister company and diary/planner icon Quo Vadis.

Frankly, we can't wait to try it out. There are two sizes, a weekly notebook format (using graph paper for notes, instead of ruled lines), address book, tear-off corner page markers, 90g clairefontaine paper! in the large size and, with no shortage of audacity, an elastic closure. It's not available yet, but our sleuths have told us that Australia will definnitely have access soon!

Moleskine must have known this challenge was coming - their diary range keeps expanding with inventive new formats and consistent quality and style, but this really is a big challenge for the Moleskine diary stronghold.

So duck for cover because the big guns have come out! Diary tragics, we'd love to hear which way you're thinking of going for 2010...So, who's side are you on?

And if you're a lover of the idea of organisation, but just can't keep it together, our friends NoteMaker have some handy work smart organisation tips!


  1. I'm going Rhodia if I go back to paper.

  2. i hear you, dsmoen...for pure paper quality alone, the 90g clairefontaine stock in the large rhodia sounds very tempting...and what's all this if? if you go back to paper? paper based is a must, my friend! how do you substitute at the moment?

  3. Yeah, I'd go with Rhodia if I were looking something as a replacement for (or in addition to) my iPhone. I have a Moleskine soft cover journal and like it all right, but the paper really can't hold a candle to Rhodia. It's very thin, ink bleeds through if you're using a fountain pen, it's expensive... meh. Rhodia is typically cheaper or comparably priced, and the quality is head and shoulders above Moleskine, IMHO.

  4. I had purchased a Moleskine planner (in red), because I like to have a backup to my iPhone calendar. And I love things that are red. But as soon as I'd read about the Rhodia/Quo Vadis collaboration, I ran right over to the shop (Just For Fun here in San Francisco's Noe Valley) and asked them if I could exchange my unwrapped Moleskine for the Rhodia planner. They were happy to do so!

    And I can't wait to use it. Moleskine, take note (har): improve your paper and then maybe we'll have a true competition. We all know you're just resting on your laurels.