Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trends in the Field: You can say that again, Sunday Times!

Check out this incredibly articulate piece from the Sunday Times in the UK about why stationery - proper stuff - has real pulling power.

G Lalo Envelopes courtesy of Inscriber (aka 'proper stuff')

It's a piece by self-confessed and totally obsessed stationery lover India Knight about the beauty and fun of stationery which hits succinctly and perfectly on our own thoughts. Indeed, all we, the tactile folks who care about communicating (more than 'communications') can appreciate this.

Leather Journal by O-Check Design Graphics from NoteMaker

Just one of any number of excerpts I could highlight:
"Stationery is romantic, poetic, sensual; techy gadgets are anonymous, anodyne, soulless. Writing an e-mail is just something you do, perfunctorily and without much thought. Writing a letter or a card is a careful, considered act, and one that makes the recipient feel as if they’ve received a tiny present."

Custom Wax Seal courtesy of Inscriber

So thanks India for saying what's on all of our minds. If you're new to this whole loving stationery thing, you can check out NoteMaker for your journal, Inscriber for your correspondence and sealing wax, Pen City for your pens (may we suggest Lamy) or your local stationery store for some inspiration! And don't forget to brush up on your stationery etiquette!

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