Friday, August 28, 2009

News from the Field: Loving paper, photography and a move to sustainability

First of all, we would like to share the lovely photography of Trevor Hoehne, above, which we found reading My Life (As a sugar lander).

Trevor does amazing shots of Places, People and Things and we especially love the impressionist inspired Blurry Things he shoots.

But three of his shots got me thinking about the future of paper, it's use and where we should all be heading. It's easy to construe the message visually: Love Sustainable Paper.

And the sustainable paper we love? Clairefontaine's 70gsm Forever range. It's 100% recycled, even the covers, there are no nasty chemicals or brighteners used in the production and the mill producing the paper (sourced from sustainable forests) generates 80% of its own power. These are great credentials for production which we should be moving towards.

Moleskine's new folios have Forest Stewardship Council certification too, so look for continued use of this in more and more beautiful notebooks.

But the Forever range by Clairefontaine truly is the leader in sustainable paper. Trust me, I believe we should all have the opportunity to use our Lamy on only the finest paper and should always have top shelf paper available for correspondence or important work, but for the everyday? For office stationery? Clairefontaine's Forever paper is the way of the future.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Scanning the Field: Time for a link list!

So much to do, so much to see! I could tell you about how much I love an O-Check journal, I could tell you about this cool page Deviant Art I recently stumbled upon and I could even tell you about the Melbourne Writer's Festival and some all new Moleskine notebooks. I could mention my favourite blog this week - The Journal of Little Mo & Friends - and the coolest hand made gift box ever!

But it's like they matter what you're trying to say, somebody else has already done it better! With that in mind, check out some of the links below and drop a comment to share the cool stuff that you can't quite articulate as well and help fill the void at spot #10!

1) Heidi & Seek lovin' O-Check journals

2) My Life as a Sugar Lander lovin' this too-cute Train Blanket

3) Deviant Art's queenvera wondering about what's really going on inside our heads...

4) A caption competition for the Melbourne Writer's Festival!

5) NoteMaker has Moleskine Folios! They're big and beautiful!

6) The Journal of Little Mo & Friends! So cool, especially this gift box.

7) Biffybeans (albeit old...) review of a Rhodia Meeting Book. So thorough, amazing as always.

8) Hello Sandwich thinks we should all indulge in our inner kid and play with our food!

9) Retro Sticky Notes at UK institution Papernation!

10) ...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog of the Week: Simple + Pretty

One of our favourite blogs is Simple + Pretty, a beatiful little collection of pretty paper and pretty things put together by paperphile and all round holder of great taste Jane.

The blog covers all the most gorgeous and effortlessly practical bits and pieces to do with paper, fashion, design, living and photography as well as the miscellaneous yeet worthy of mention.

It's almost therapeutic to have a look through all of the wonderful pieces Jane brings us - and the site is updated so frequently that you can always get a fresh fix for your simple + pretty cravings.

We were super happy to see our favourite site NoteMaker receive some attention about their re-launch, love this cool congratulations card and really want to receive one of these too!

All images via the lovely Simple + Pretty

So keep your eye out for Simple+ Pretty if you like to relax and take in some of the nicest, cleverest things on the web.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Trends in the Field: A couple of lovelies for the weekend!

Firstly, we'd just like to say that the Junior event on Wednesday was a big hit and good times (and Rhodia pads!) were had by all! The guys at Three Thousand have posted some pics from the event in their latest issue so check it out and keep Junior on your radar.

And just before the weekend, we'd like to share with you a couple of things we've seen about which we think are really cool.

One of our readers Caroline sent through a link via Design Boom for this amazing colour picker pen by jinsu park. Basically, korean designer jinsu park designed a concept pen that adopts the eyedropper tool of photoshop for real life. The colour picker pen enables colours in the environment to be scanned and instantly used for drawing as a built in RGB cartridge replicates what the sensor sees.

It's not quite a Lamy for everyday performance, but, for all those times you were thinking that your green isn't quite the same as what you're drawing, the colour picker's got your back!

And a bit closer to home, we went to our local corner store here in North Melbourne for an afternoon pick up (i believe the exact words were "something chocolatey...") and some other bits and pieces and noticed the guys at Griggons and Orr using these cool bags instead of the standard plastic bag.

It's one small step towards more environmentally friendly ways of doing the day to day things, like choosing sustainable forestry or recyclying your water.

Have a great weekend and let us know what makes you happy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

News From the Field: Life At The Bottom

Have you ever wondered what's it like to be, as Oscar Wilde would say, lying in the gutter yet staring up at the stars? Just what is like, life at the bottom...? We think it's really cutting edge, when it's this life at the bottom!

We just discovered Junior, essentially a union for young creatives, which helps Melbourne based young creative people to overcome the many industry hurdles of having to start from scratch!

Their website is fantastic, with heaps of help for those just starting out. In their own words:

"it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a job, thinking of looking for a job, have a job, lost your job, are in the wrong job or want a better job; you’re all welcome to come to the party"

Junior's purpose is to help you realise that there aren't actually any real hurdles to making your career as fulfilling as you wish, just a couple of little tips you need to know. And junior has the answers.

Check out their interviews section, keep up to date with a whip or meet up for a drink. We hear they're giving away some Rhodia tonight! so get yourself to the Sweatshop in Melbourne and start making it!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog of the Week: Inside Out Blog!

Image Courtesy of Inside Out Blog

The Inside Out Blog on a Monday morning here at Field Notes is a ritual...a cup of coffee, a chat about the weekend and check what's going on at Inside Out.

Image Courtesy of Inside Out Blog

The place for staffers of Inside Out Magazine to happily reveal a few of their favourite things is full of a variety of awesome bits and pieces. A beautiful, eclectic range of topics and tidbits, interviews, news and links to heaps of cool stuff.

Image Courtesy of Inside Out Blog

Check it out! It may be a Wednesday today, but I'm sure you can fit it in to any routine you could think of!
Image Courtesy of Inside Out Blog

Some of our favourite recent posts are a nice review of some cool furniture and design pieces from Workshopped 09, a tour of Grace Lee's desk (remember Grace Lee? She's the brilliant designer of NoteMaker's Limited Edition 2010 Moleskine Weekly Diary) and an interview with paper artist/brilliant genius (!) Benja Harvey.

Image Courtesy of Inside Out Blog

InsideOut Blog - giving we Aussies some awesome local and international design, style and comfort on a Monday morning!