Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog of the Week: Simple + Pretty

One of our favourite blogs is Simple + Pretty, a beatiful little collection of pretty paper and pretty things put together by paperphile and all round holder of great taste Jane.

The blog covers all the most gorgeous and effortlessly practical bits and pieces to do with paper, fashion, design, living and photography as well as the miscellaneous yeet worthy of mention.

It's almost therapeutic to have a look through all of the wonderful pieces Jane brings us - and the site is updated so frequently that you can always get a fresh fix for your simple + pretty cravings.

We were super happy to see our favourite site NoteMaker receive some attention about their re-launch, love this cool congratulations card and really want to receive one of these too!

All images via the lovely Simple + Pretty

So keep your eye out for Simple+ Pretty if you like to relax and take in some of the nicest, cleverest things on the web.


  1. awww. too sweet. thank you so much :)

    (and right back at you!)

  2. so loving it. your blog is immense and full of amazing goodies :)