Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News From the Field: Seoul Power!

MMMG Stitched Journal

After a bit of a lapse between updates here at Field Notes we are glad to be back with some news direct from Seoul, Korea - a design stationery haven as yet untapped by Australia and indeed most of the west.

MMMG Hardcover Drawing Book

The attitude towards stationery and design all over Korea is a bit different to here in Australia, with ubiquitous love of stylish, functional and unique designer stationery. Like fashion in Europe, appreciation for gorgeous stationery is mainstream.

O-Check Wooden Ruler thanks to NoteMaker

Still conceptualised and produced by small inventive firms, yet adored by the masses: that's our kind of market!

Pansy Daisy Notebook!

Any stationery lover could find suitcases worth of cool stuff to bring back home, where it would be totally unique.

Pansy Daisy Notebook!

The king of Korean stationery, O-Check Design Graphics, is available in Australia but there are seriously cool up and coming brands, like MMMG and Pansy Daisy which are still unavailable to us.

O-Check Colour Pencil Set thanks to NoteMaker

Some of the Field Notes team are off today to New York City so keep an eye out for posts straight from the Big Apple about stationery and design straight out of the epicentre of the West.

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  1. Off to New York City? Please post LOTS! I'll be in NYC for 8 days over xmas and i'd love lots of places to go!