Thursday, October 29, 2009

80's is "RAD" again with MMMG

The 80s are back in far to many ways to name here. This may be a good thing if you are under 26 and weren't on the dance floor bopping away to Billy Idol circa 1984 with huge shoulder pads and hair big enough to rival Fran Drescher. Everything that is old is new again to you!
On the other hand you may be over 26 and have some cringe worthy clothing memories but on the whole the 80's brings back a whole feeling of nostalgia and fun! Just like this "RAD" stationery brand MMMG - just launched in Australia by NoteMaker. MMMG stands for Millimeter/Milligram - very creative indeed! Direct from Korea this is sure to be a new favored stationery brand by many - it is one our new favourites here at Field Notes Blog! Just like the 80's MMMG's stationery collection is loud, fun and often over the top - but in a good way!
We love their design aesthetic. Dedicated to creating unique designs the in-house design team comprises over 20 creative staff ready to look back to the 80's for inspiration while still creating a modern and current range of fashion stationery.
With a great range of quirky cards - who would we give the Vampire Spaceman Card to? Or the You Are Not Ugly Message Card to?
Or perhaps for ourselves a fun little Bear in the Forest Pen or a funny Face Pocket for our iPhones - each with their own unique personality. What ever your choice MMMG is sure to be a great gift and card idea for Christmas this year.Pick up your loud MMMG Kinder notebook, your orange fluro Matryoshka card, grab a Sunny Boy at the tuck shop and hop on your skateboard - the 80s are back kids!

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  1. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WHEN DID YOU START STOCKING MMMG!!!?? I've been obsessed with mmmg for months and I've been trying to translate their website, I was even considering going to Korea just to go to their store! Notemaker/Field Notes I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!