Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Field Notes Classics: J Herbin Ink

Via Spritual Evolution of the Bean, J Herbin Rouge Caroubier

Thinking about how easy it is to personalise your Rhodia pad, or how many people love to make their Moleskine notebook fully their own over the last couple of days has had me thinking about how important notebooks are. I mean, where would we be without them?

Via Spritual Evolution of the Bean, J Herbin Rouge Caroubier

I know that I fall into a state of near amnesia without my Rhodia Pad...but what's a pad without some ink? I use a Lamy Safari Rollerball everyday - the tip is indestructible and my hands love confirming to those Bauhaus contours - but have a real appreciation for the fountain pen users among us.

Via Spritual Evolution of the Bean, J Herbin Rouge Caroubier

Writing from a bottle of ink just seems I received a letter the other day from a seasoned fountain pen user and the difference was huge - it wasn't just correspondence, it was close to art.

Colour Swatch for Rouge Caroubier...of course it depends on your paper...

And you can get artistic with it which is where this blog is coming from. Reading recently Biffy Beans review of J Herbin Rouge Caroubier (please read her blog, for your own sake!) further emphasised the complexity of pen and ink, the nuance.

Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen

And to reach the apotheosis of artistic inky endeavors, you can always try calligraphy. We noticed that Inscriber just got a Lamy Joy Calligraphy pen and can only imagine how good the J Herbin Ink would flow through it! Has anybody used the J Herbin Rouge Caroubier before? We'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. J. Christina HuhOctober 14, 2009 at 7:40 AM

    J. Herbin also make sealing waxes, which will be the perfect way to seal your beautifully written letter. :)

  2. Love your blog, JCH. Our friends Inscriber stock the J Herbin sealing waxes and they are the originators, i think. King Louis had a thing for classy stuff...the wax gun is a fav of mine

  3. Nice blog and info. I do want to point out that this review is from the Woodworker over at Inkyjournal, not Stephanie from Spiritual Evolution. Thanks, Nr