Monday, October 12, 2009

News from the Field: Moleskine MyDetour Update

Moleskine's wildly successful and innovative creative relay is about to hit what we at Field Notes consider to be the current global trend setter in stationery - Tokyo - as the MyDetour exhibition makes a stop in Japan's capital from October 16-November 4.

MyDetour entries from the San Fransisco leg of the creative relay.

Via Moleskinerie and, 5 of Tokyo's hottest designer book and stationery stores will host drop boxes where creative notebook lovers will deposit their decorated Moleskines.

Moleskine notebooks personalised.

To reward their disciples, Moleskine will invite the winner (ie: the most amazing notebook) to myDetour in 2010 and the 10 best books will be in an online gallery.

Geografia Globe - Japanese stationery is in bloom!

So keep myDetour on your radar as the Tokyo entries are sure to amaze.

Rhodia Metallic on display in Tokyo's Orange & Black Boutique.

Tokyo's stationery scene is huge - Rhodia in every high end fashion shop, Moleskine on every corner and niche producers like Geografia producing some ground breaking stuff.

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