Tuesday, October 6, 2009

News from the Field: Cavallini & Co. Wall Calendars!

Even though it's still two months until 2010 officially begins, we just can't wait any longer to get our Cavallini & Co. Wall Calendar for the Field Notes rooms! The paper is beautiful, the images are unique, they're archival quality and you can decorate a room (or office) as the months go by.

But, it's not all so easy - there are some difficult parts to this Wall Calendar business. Mainly, exactly which wall gets the blessing and exactly which calendar you decide on spending your 2010 with.

Me, i love the Farmer's Market calendar, Pauline really wants (to go to) Paris for 2010 and Beth has always had a thing for Ornithology!

Tough choices aside, there is a consolation for those of us in two or three minds...Easel Calendars!

Check out NoteMaker or your local Cavallini stockist and let us know: Which way will you go for 2010?

1 comment:

  1. Definitely the vintage maps calendar for my wall! my friend had one for 2009 and i was always jealous when i went to her place! haha