Friday, October 16, 2009

Trends in the Field: Upsetting the status quo...

Embossed logo on a Rhodia Webnotebook

Regular readers of Field Notes will know that we've been keeping a close eye on the progression of Rhodia. It's incipient rise to the top of the Australian market is interesting to watch, as one after another gets converted to the Orange & Black.

Image courtesy of An Inkophile's Blog - great reading for fountain pen fans!

The hardest heathens to convert? Moleskine fans. That's why we love anything which compares the two legendary Europeans (such as our 2010 Diary review), a little competitive rivalry can only be good!

Ink on Moleskine paper thanks to An Inkophile's Blog

So I was pleased to come across a great review at An Inkophile's Blog comparing the Moleskine Classic Notebook with the Rhodia Webnotebook. To sum it up - if you use a fountain pen, it's Rhodia hands down. If you like impeccable form, Moleskine takes the cake.

Ink on Rhodia paper thanks to An Inkophile's Blog

Have a read, grab your favourite pen and let us know - which do you choose?

For the record, i have to go with Rhodia on this one...and a Lamy Scribble Ballpoint...

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