Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Favourite New Site! Nora Whynot

Nora Whynot Perpetual Calendar

The guys at NoteMaker left me a very friendly email yesterday afternoon which i just have to share. They have new Delfonics diaries, they have these gorgeous MMMG cards, they have Japanese Masking tape on the way (sssh...that's a secret) and life at my favourite online shop seems as bubbly as ever.

New Delfonics Diaries @ NoteMaker

But the highlight was this link...passed on to the guys from a customer of theirs, Tracey. Started by a couple of friends who met at art school in the UK, The Nora Whynot Press focuses on contemporary silkscreen printing using traditional hand-pulled methods to create quirky and fun designs while keeping an eye on the environment.

Nora Whynot Homepage

Hand made, unique, recycled inputs where possible, local aussie made stuff which is just gorgeous.

Nora Whynot Garden Cards

Check it out and let me know your fav product...i think it's hard to top the Perpetual Calendar, but that's just me!

News from the Field: New Moleskine Colours!

Moleskine MyDetour and notebooks go hand in hand!

A quick update from the world of Stationery today with a new release range of the Moleskine Volant range. The volant is lightweight, compact and pretty funky and now has two more colour options available.

Moleskine Japanese Album - so many great uses for this guy!

Originally in Black, Green. Navy Blue & Pink, the Volant is now available in Red & Sky Blue as well! Personally, i love the lighter shade of the Red notebook and love Moleskine's current drive to keep expanding their range and introducing more variety. The classic is a classic, but we love colour and variety too, don't we?

I hate to double up, but I really love this MyDetour entry!

Also, there are now Volant address books - compact contacts!

Moleskine MyDetour entry - another great way to use your notebook

And in another piece of Moleskine news, the official site has put the Jury into deliberation for some of the MyDetour entries from San Fransisco. Check out the gallery and see some cool ways to use your Moleskine!

Friday, November 13, 2009

News from the Field: This is beautiful

Delfonics Linen Diary

Being so into stationery you can become habituated to the beautiful...Last week we were lucky enough to play with some Lamy 2000 Titanium Ballpoint pens. There are only 5000 of these in existence with 4000 confined to the European market.

Lamy 2000 Titanium Ballpen

It feels incredible, it's a 50g pen made of solid titanium and is a truly special item. I was wowed. Thanks to Notemaker for the privilege!

Delfonics Scola diary

But then, Scott here at Field Notes came in earlier in the week with a new Delfonics diary. These have only just arrived and after our nagging the guys at NoteMaker for more Delfonics we learned that it is in really short supply at the moment but more should be available next week.

Moleskine Artist Collection diary

And more is what we need. This really is the most gorgeous diary I've seen. I like the Rhodia diary - it's clever and the paper is beautiful. I like the Quo Vadis diary - Minister in particular - once again because the paper is so nice. I like a Moleskine diary too, especially the leather on the Artist Collection diary.
Quo Vadis Minister Planner

But this Delfonics diary is on a whole other, higher, level. Pictures and words can't do it justice. Just go find one, hold it and get yourself a new best friend!

Delfonics diary with cool elastic strap

And while you're at it, get a matching elastic strap and pen...stationery and fashion are now as one!