Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog of the week - Calico & Co.

Calico & Co. - check it out!

Had the pleasure this morning of opening my inbox to find a really fun link to follow - to Calico & Co. - the indie and handmade blog.

Some MT thanks to NoteMaker.

The post which caught my attention was this about Japanese Masking Tape. There's some great info about the company and some inspired uses, including a cool iPod cover.

Gorgeous MT collage from Calico & Co.

Personally, i have my 3 months plan MT'd to the wall behind my desk...those little strips somehow make the work seem less daunting, like 'hey, that's not work, it's fun!'

An illustration by Sarah Hankinson - the floral crown is just gorgeous.

Calico & Co. is the hobby of Sydney based Graphic Designer Amanda Fuller and her love of all things beautiful. With posts like the illustrative work of Sarah Hankinson, it's plain to see that about beauty, she knows a thing or two. Check out Calico & Co., being sure to leave a 15 minute slot in your diary to do so!


  1. Japanese masking Tape looks really Good.I think by using this tape we can made some creative things.

  2. The model in the illustration is Australian Abbey-Lee Kershaw, it's a beautiful drawing!