Monday, March 1, 2010

Cool Online Shop - Upon A Fold

Upon A Fold

There are so many great websites and blogs dedicated to paper goods and unique stationery out there but the only downside to this plethora of paper is that very few of them are Australian.

Play More More More Notebook from Upon A Fold

So it's always quite a thrill to find an Australian Based paperphile. Better still is when you find the biggest Australian Based paperphile - Sydney Based Graphic Designer, Justine, and her website Upon A Fold.

From the Upon A Fold Blog, Paper Relief by German Artist Simon Schubert.

Click away and make sure you've got some spare time. Justine's site and blog together really open up the world of paper as not just a medium through which art can be created but indeed as an art itself.


  1. WOW, thanks guys for all the nice things you wrote!! Big compliment indeed! I'm so happy you like the site : ) x

  2. Sharmaine KruijverMarch 6, 2010 at 1:13 PM

    HI, was googling washi tape (Which I love) and came upon your store and then blog. So VERY inspiring that I just had to say hi and bookmark you so I can visit again :) THANK YOU

  3. Thanks Sharmaine! I LOVE washi tape too! We'll be getting some Washi tape into the store soon so keep a eye open for it :)

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