Friday, March 26, 2010

My Famebook: The facebook notebook

Got an interesting email overnight about this new Belgium based site The idea is that "with myfamebook, you can produce a personalised notebook with feeds from your facebook on every page."

So you go to their website, some magic happens and boom - at the bottom of every page is a post from your facebook feed, which can then be added to with posts from your friends.

There is obviously then some customisation options and your notebooks comes more or less as an A5 with 200 pages and a hard cover or 320 pages and a soft cover.

Whilst I have no idea of the quality of the paper or binding, my suspicions is that it would be very low end.

Personally, on the whole idea, I am mildly amused by this. I don't use facebook and so i like the idea that the online media is acquiescing to some degree to good old fashioned paper. A kind of admission that the artifact created by an actual notebook is incalculably more valuable than some bits of data on some server somewhere.



  2. Check - it's the same idea for Twitter by the same company


  3. Thanks christian, great links!