Monday, April 19, 2010

Blog of the Week - The Daily Smudge

Origami Jewellery via the Daily Smudge

I just got through the last couple of sheets on my Origami Sticky Notes recently and suddenly had an urge to do some Origami. But without my helpful little how-to instructions, I was lost! So i started checking out the blogosphere for some inspiration and was pleasantly surprised.

Origami Jewellery - a pleasant surprise indeed!

Now, whilst i found a lot more than just this, i have to say that my favourite post was from The Daily Smudge about Origami Jewels.

A Chance Encounter - very cute!

I love the photography of paper origami animals wearing the origami jewels and in fact, i love everything about the Daily Smudge. It is the past time of Emily, a graphic designer by trade but paper and print admirer by heart. She has plenty of gorgeous posts, including the above, A Chance Encounter. Check it out.

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