Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Masking Tape Competition!

MT was made to be used on everything everywhere all the time!

You know Japanese Masking Tape? That super fun, uber cute stationery delight? Well, Australian distributors Telegram Paper Goods are running an MT Tape competition!

This is from Coming Up Roses in Balmoral QLD. You can click here to find someone local to buy your MT.

You can check out for more info. But basically, you buy some tape, use it, photograph it, send it in and win an awesome prize! These photos were taken at Coming Up Roses in Balmoral, Queensland - what a lovely shop!

Look at those Swing Tags! Great Idea, Coming Up Roses!

More MT Tape! This stuff really is a joy. You can improve notebooks with it, make Paper Planes with it, come up with the cutest home made gift tags with it!

Love those paper planes!

So go now, get some tape, tape something (everything even!) and win!

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