Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moleskine Hand of the Designer

The Hand of the Designer, Moleskine's latest special project.

We recently learned of the Moleskine Hand of the Architect, an impressive Special Project by Moleskine to compile hundreds of original sketches by renowned architects into a 228 page Hardcover A4 book. It's a beautiful item and a really great idea, proving that paper and pencil still rule well into the CAD era.

A Sketch from the Hand of the Architect

And now, a new project has been undertaken by Moleskine, being the Hand of the Designer. It is a new book similar to the Hand of the Architect and also an exhibition of over 450 sketches from noteworthy designers.

The Hand of the Designer has some cool sketches.

You can check out all of Moleskine Special Projects and buy their stuff from NoteMaker. And a nice little novelty piece is the DoDo Case, a new iPad case fashioned in the image of everybody's favourite style of notebook.

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