Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Now In Australia: Yellow Owl Workshop!

Look at how cute that muslin baggie is!

Well this is very exciting for all of us stationery fiends, the long neglected and overlooked fans of the well designed, functional and aesthetically amazing stuff we call paper goods.

Original correspondence sets - love the engraved pencil.

Yellow Owl Workshop, a boutique San Francisco group of expert paper goods merchants is now easy to find in Australia! We used to covet their rubber stamps from afar via their official website, but learned yesterday that NoteMaker now has almost the full range ready and flying out the door for all of Australia to enjoy.

Hand painted Acrylic on wood is so cute!

And we're not the only excited party - the Inside Out Blog is on to it as well, digging on the ceramic sculpture range!

They even make Ceramics! This 1970s inspired Polaroid is so cool!

I could go on for a while about how much I love the look of Yellow Owl, but I'll just let the products themselves tell you all about it.

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