Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wax Seals aren't 'fuddy duddy' anymore!

Wax seals and sealing wax have a rich history that most people into stationery are at least somewhat acquainted with. In short, it was way back in 1670 that J Herbin returned from India and started making sealing wax.

And like any clever Frenchman, he knew the way to popularise his creation - to get King Louis 14's approval! When the King started receiving his letters sealed with wax, it meant that they were tamper-proof and allowed the king of indulgence to add just a little more ceremony to his daily if that were possible!

With all of that rich, classicist french style and history behind them, it's easy to see wax seals as a bit, well, 'naf' really. I was really impressed at the work of in bringing sealing wax up to date. Check out their gallery for some, dare I say it, perfectly contemporary uses of sealing wax. Black wax, some Art Deco fonts, some highlights here and there. Love it!


  1. J. Christina HuhMay 4, 2010 at 8:52 AM

    I adore wax seals! They're such a fun, easy way to add an elegant touch to your letter or package. :)

  2. They are really fun! Everytime i remove the seal from the wax is a moment of anticipation, it's kind of exciting!