Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ain't you Grand.... "Archie Grand"

A true cult notebook for charlatans, scoundrels and luminaries! The bright, bold and cheeky Archie Grand collection has recently arrived at NoteMaker.

We love the dedicated covers for bosses, bloggers, designers, artists, shopaholics, actors, chefs, lovers, architects, models, pacifists, writers, vegetarians and politicians you’ve met and liked! Or didn't perhaps...

Read on for our inaugural Archie Grand Awards!

Whatever the profession, Archie Grand is bound to have dedicated a notebook to it. The 120 page, thread-bound, hard cover notebooks are colourful and quirky making the perfect christmas gift for everyone this year!

And to celebrate here is our Archie Grand Award List:

Artists I Met and Liked - like Mondrian, Ernst, Kandinsky, and Picasso all on show at the Art Gallery of Western Australia until 31 January 2011
Bloggers I Met and Liked - Lucy from The Design Files: Melbourne's leading style and design blogger; what's not to like!
Gardeners I Met and Liked - Jane Edmanson and the crew from ABCs Gardening Australia - CLASSIC!
Photographers I Met and Liked - the DOPs from the Hola Mexico Film Festival on in Melbourne this week.
Chefs I Met and Liked - Guy Grossi from Iron Chef Australia and the reknowned Grossi Florentino in Melbourne
Designers I Met and Liked - Valentino - cult fashion house exhibition on now at Queensland Art Gallery
Bosses I Had and Liked - Our Bosses at NoteMaker ;)

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