Friday, October 29, 2010

Japanese Cuteness

Magnificent Minis!

Japan is known for minutiae. A tiny slither of land, basically sitting above the meeting place of two very large tectonic plates, an island volcano, with only 15% arable land...or something like that. Basically, it is the most ingrained cultural precept that a Japanese is not to waste anything...and so they learned to make things efficiently and small. Applied to stationery, that means cute! Check out the new Mini Cotton Roll Pencil Cases or our whole Japanese Stationery's full of cuteness!

Writing instruments all snug and cosy!

Pink & Khaki is close to Pink & Brown - my favourite colour match.


  1. My wife's got a cute stripy one of these (Artemis). Lovely!

  2. these looks so niceeeeee

  3. Lovely! I just got a custom made suede six-pen pouch made for myself by another FPN member! Lovely.