Thursday, November 25, 2010

El Casco: Attention to Detail is an understatement

El Casco Pencil Sharpener

Brand new for us at Inscriber, we now have the World's Best desk accessories - El Casco. The adjective 'World's Best' can be overused, misused and abused, but in the above context, I actually think it could be an understatement.

El Casco Scissors

Made by hand in the Basque region of Spain (which is right near the border of France and is basically a little region of separatists...the Basque language is about the only one in the world that can't be linked to any other so they like to do things differently) the quality is amazing.

El Casco Stapler

You can read about their manufacturing process for, as an example, a stapler, but to sum it up, all parts are hand-ground and inspected for quality separately. They are then individually machined. They are then assembled to make sure that they are all calibrated properly. They are then disassembled (!), laser-engraved, polished (by hand) six times (!!) to a mirror finish (in other words 'wow...shiny') and then re-inspected.

El Casco Tape Dispenser

All pieces are then plated with 5 different metals, inspected, assembled and packaged. This final person in the process has to wear special gloves so that the final product is totally unblemished. I can sympathise with this - to quote Sarah, you may "just spend all day polishing them and cursing the existence of your fingerprints."

El Casco Hole Punch

But they're not just lovely, amazing, shiny things; they work incredibly well and ooze quality out of every six-times polished facet. So check El Casco out, if for no other reason than that dedication to quality of this magnitude deserves acknowledgement.


  1. I've been trying to get Part #3 since 2004 and Part #43 since 2008 for the El Casco M-430 LN Gold n Black Pencil Sharpener. I had received it as a gift from my parents, left it in the box untouched until after I finished building my office in our new home. By the time I got back to trying to obtain these parts the one year warranty had run out, so I had to just make do until I could get parts for it. El Casco has NEVER responded from their web site contact form nor to direct e-Mails to their distributors.
    There were two air-bubble in the casting at the point the Lever E snapped on Part #3, which IS a manufacturing defect.
    I had to post Anonymous because it appears to be the only option since I don't have any of the other items for ID. I can be contacted through [email protected] if someone has a solution or knows where I can get parts.

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