Friday, November 12, 2010

Uniball Fanthom - An erasable rollerball pen!

Uniball Fanthom Erasable Rollerball Pen

All new from Uniball, the Fanthom is an erasable rollerball pen! The colours are nice and bright, it's light and it's comfy and it's erasable!

At first I thought, yeah, that's kind of cool - no more white out or crossing stuff out and it kind of feels really cool to erase ink.

Then I thought - how does it work? It turns out to be relatively simple. The ink is heat-sensitive, so any source of friction on the written line will generate heat, chemically change the ink and it will disappear. Uniball have designed the cap to be perfect for this task, so you just flip your pen and use the cap as if it were an eraser. And you guessed it: that means it can be if you cool something you've erased (ie: put it in the fridge) the line will come back. Again, that's kind of cool.


But beyond all of this practical stuff, there was a use I didn't see until Sarah and Caroline showed can do really cool patterns and stuff! Talk about a Eureka moment!

Nice Metallic Tones in the erasable rollerball ink.

When you're not busy erasing what you've written, you might notice that the ink colours are nice, they have this tiny suggestion of metallic tones, the line is a standard 0.7mm and the barrel is really smooth plastic, so it rests on your hand nicely. I have found it encouraging a greater degree of verbosity than normal from me, as I kind of want to write too much just so I can erase what I've other words, yes...I'm addicted...


  1. Squeal! I'm off to buy one now. Thanks for sharing. J x

  2. I have never wanted rollerball pens so badly in my life.

  3. Mi hijo está encantado de poder borrar las faltas y no tener que repetir los trabajo. Además lo bueno que tiene es que no les pasa lo que a los papermate, que se terminan depuntando.