Friday, January 7, 2011

Moleskine Limited Edition Pac-Man Notebooks!

Children of the 80s Unite! This is exciting and really cool and a long overdue homage to one of the founding fathers of video games.

Pac-Man was released by Japanese gaming company Namco in 1980 and represents a fairly major turning point in the history of free time. In the same way that Sam Cooke & Ray Charles were the first gospel artists to cross over into the pop charts and then receive recognition (and soon thereafter, admiration) from the layman, Pac-Man was the first video game to emerge from the fringes of pop culture and hit the big time.

The idea is kind of simple and yet totally addictive...(now i know its Friday and so I'm doing this at the risk of cutting productivity in half for the day but you can play it online here), the colours and sounds are archetypical of their time and place and i get this feeling of really wanting little Pac to win...he's the underdog - David running away from a squad of goliaths, looking for that proverbial stone.

Based on all that, it should come as no surprise that i think these limited edition Moleskine Pac-Man notebooks are incredibly cool! There are five and you can see them all here.

The jewel is the Volant gift box set of 4 whose packaging gives a nod to the old game cartridge...this was way before CDs, DVDs and downloads remember.

Each notebook has stickers and some cool stuff inside but its the embossed covers which you just have to love...the game screen set up on the large sizes will remind you of the underdog every time you go to write something pay your respects to a cute little half blob-half mouth thingamajig who made one heck of an impact 30 years ago!

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  1. Thanks for bringing these pac man books to my attention!