Thursday, January 27, 2011

Retro 51: How a Tornado saved 3,740,250 sq feet of Rainforest

Three Million, Seven Hundred Thousand, Two Hundred & Fifty square feet. That's 347480 square metres. 827 Basketball courts worth of rainforest. That deserves a pat on the back!

This is the effort of Retro 51 and their ever benevolent Bamboo Tornado pen - now available at NoteMaker. The pen's barrel is made of Bamboo - the world's fastest growing woody resource. It grows so fast that you can hear the shoots growing - creaking, ever upwards - if you're lucky enough to be amongst Bamboo in the wild.

Retro 51 is an American company who believes that 'Life is too short to carry an ugly pen!". They are also trying to do their bit for the world's rainforests and have created the super cool Bamboo Tornado pen to do this.

The Bamboo Tornado's barrel, as mentioned, is made of 100% Bamboo. And every time somebody purchases a Bamboo Tornado, Retro 51 donate to the Arbor Day Foundation in order to rescue and conserve 250 square feet of Rainforest. That's nice.

The pen itself, dare i say it, is even nicer. It has one of my all time favourite twist mechanisms - it's nice and chunky and substantial. The shape, tapering to a point, is comfy, the length is good and the bamboo barrel is nice and smooth. It has a cute panda engraved on the side and so, all in all, the look and feel is really nice.

But the writing experience, dare i say it, is even really nice-er. The Bamboo Tornado comes with and uses the revolutionary EasyFLOW 9000 ballpoint pen refill. This is made in Germany by Schmidt. It is something else. Even if you don't know that it's in there (which i didn't), you'll notice how smooth it is. It's ballpoint pen ink which has the viscosity of rollerball ink, so it glides over the paper. But, it dries instantly AND has a two-years 'cap off' guarantee...if you leave the tip exposed for two years and then pick your bamboo tornado up again, it will write straight away.

Like all of the amazing Fisher Space Pen qualities we recently gushed over, that seems to be going a bit far...i mean, who is going to forget about a pen for two years and then find it and need to write instantly? But it's still important - it betrays high quality, attention to detail and 'oh, that's nice'-ism. Really, very nice.

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