Thursday, February 17, 2011

Around by O-Check: A 10 Years-Anniversary!

Around Album

O-Check Design Graphics is not yet a household name. Here in Australia, it almost certainly never will be - there simply aren't that many of us to begin with, let alone that many of us who appreciate stationery and/or design in general.

Around Exercise Books

But if all of the world's stationery loving people founded their own nation, not only would it be run by the most well organised bureaucracy imaginable, it would hold O-Check Design Graphics as one of its national icons.

Around Recycled Cover Notebook

This little company, from Seoul, Korea, has world wide acclaim for designing personal stationery in its most undiluted form. To quote from their modus operandi: "Sometimes an everyday product which does not have a great meaning to it, can happen to evoke high feelings of emotion or nostalgia. In a small way it becomes a means of expressing ourselves."

Around Pencil Set

Their design is emotion-triggering. That is, their work is utilitarian, but where that utility is to 'capture feelings' as a 'present, memory or record' for somebody, then total simplicity is forced to make a small concession to the heart-warming.

Around Ivory Hardcover Notebook

And that's what personal stationery is for - to warm the cockles of our hearts! And O-Check has been doing this now for 10 years. It's time to celebrate!

Around Hardcover Notebook Brown

Around by O-Check has been released to help us do this. It is a retrospective range, going back through the 10-years life of O-Check, tracing their development and some of their most popular products. So, if you like O-Check, you should check out Around - you really can see where their current design has evolved from by going back to some of their favourites.

Around Post Card Set

It's a limited edition and so i don't think any of these items will be made again. They have been given an otherwise posthumous moment in the sun which is all too deserved.

Around String Note

Personal Stationery is a sub-culture and like all cultures, you gotta know the history. Check out Around - it will help you graph the development of our beloved O-Check, perhaps give some insight to where they will head next with their design and will definitely warm your heart's precious little cockles!


  1. Gorgeous!! I love the hardcover books!

  2. Squeal! Thanks so much for this roundup. I only discovered O-Check recently so this is timely for me. J x