Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Landed: Crane and Co Paper Stationery

Crane and Co Fleur-di-Lis Notes

There are so many great things to write about the Crane and Co paper range that I kind of don't know where to start. Probably the best thing is that we now have it available, so click away to view. We could talk about the 100% cotton composition of the papers, that it's a family owned business (for 7 generations), it's made in the USA, the variety is fantastic and Crane and Co have a rigorous environmental policy. But it's friday, so we'll just start with some pics for today.

Crane and Co Fleur-Di-Lis half sheets

Crane and Co Letterpress Thank You Notes

Crane and Co Hairline Bordering

Crane and Co Pink Mist Notes

Crane and Co Matching Envelopes

Crane and Co Box Sets

Crane and Co Blue Florentine Print

Crane and Co 100% Cotton Letterpress

Set of 4 Hello Cards from Crane Paper

Hand-engraved Gold Foil Stamp Hello Cards & Envelopes by Crane Co

Red Florentine Lined Envelopes from Crane and Co

Beautiful Florentine Print Packaging from Crane and Co

Sunny Crane and Co Dandelion Cards on thick, soft 100% Cotton

This box set is actually really really impressive - even by Crane Paper standards!

Pin Stripe Cards & Envelopes by Crane and Co


  1. Lust! It's all I can say. Thanks for sharing. J x

  2. I really loved the floral ones. I also am a bit curious if you could tell me, how much did it cost? I have seen some printed envelope in a website . They were also some other services like custom invoice books online as well.