Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Landed: New Moleskine Passions Journals!

We're really excited about a lot of all new Moleskine notebooks which are set to arrive over the coming weeks - some really special stuff is on the way! And the first such instalment of all new Moleskine journals is now available - 6 new Moleskine Passions books!

The Moleskine Passions range already has 6 of life's interests covered: Wine, Wellness, Recipe,Book, Film & Music. And now, we have 6 more! There is the Gardening Journal, Baby Journal,Travel Journal, Dog, Cat & Style Journals.

Each has a really nicely embossed cover and all of the Moleskine style and quality we should expect, as well as stickers and cool info. Now pre-printed or themed notebooks can be controversial - a lot of people don't like to surrender that valuable cellulose-real-estate to pre-determined categories and this, I can sympathise with.

But at the same time, these journals are for organising, thinking about and indulging a specific interest and for that, I really like a sub heading or two, just to make sure you've got everything down. It may seem a paradox, but a little bit of structure here and there, even if imposed, can be a window to creativity.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rhodia Think Offline!

Still more entries are coming in for Rhodia Think Offline! We are wrapping the competition up at the end of March but will of course allow a couple of weeks' grace for the snail mail to bring in the entries-in-transit.

Check out some recent postings!

Just Landed: Paperpack!

Paperpack is a brand new label from South Korea, that lovely little place which remains the world's foremost hub of design stationery. It is a fun, ephemeral collection which takes its inspiration from magazines and novellas, a nice way to underscore the everyday role that stationery should play in our lives.

Paperpack's stated goal is to help people write their own stories...millions of words are printed every day in the magazines, newspapers and paperbacks that we read and Paperpack think we should take a little time to write our own...and I concur.

They do this with more than just a modicum of irony by designing in the ilk of those same magazines, paperbacks and periodicals - and it works. I love a paperback novel, I actually prefer the format to a hard cover hands down, because they're kind of robust, they don't mind some rough treatment and sometimes that's what we need. Who wants to molly-coddle all the time?

The paper is recycled and suitably thin - it is literally the same as the stock used for paperbacks - and you shouldn't expect the best writing experience ever from it. But, if you grab a ballpoint pen or a pencil, it's a great book to have with you and the designs are bold and really neat.

I love their tag line - Author of the Real World - it's a role we should all adopt from time to time!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rhodia Think Offline Entries!

Firstly, apologies for this recent quiet period here on Field Notes Blog. We've been super busy with the Rhodia Think Offline movement and our favourite camera is being repaired! But, we do have some exciting stuff coming up (check out some awesome new MT Japanese Masking Tape & faber-castell pencils!) and we've had a heap of entries for the Think Offline comp! Check some out below. Bon courage!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A picture writes 1000 words...

...at least! Has anyone ever gotten to the bottom of the lead in their Rhodia Pencil? Via Rhodia Drive, check out the nice close up of the lead and black stained Linden Wood. It may inspire you to think offline, sketch, doodle and win a year's worth of Rhodia!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Landed! Field Notes The Steno

Another brand new addition to the excellent Field Notes range and another peaceful, dreamy video about its making - I introduce the Field Notes Steno.

Durable, made in the USA, and with all kinds of handy info inside, Field Notes originals are great to take with you. But now, in response to high demand, we have a Field Notes for your desk too! In addition to the aforementioned qualities, the Steno has a couple of really cool features.

Being spiral bound, it's always perfectly flat, open or closed. This makes it great for left handers. It also has, in the name of trivia, some cool info about Stenography (hence the name 'Steno') but best of all is the Gregg ruling. Gregg ruling is a particular ruling format (used in stenography) of standard horizontal ruled lines with a vertical line right down the middle.

Try it out. Check out the video above and read an all encompassing review at the Office Supply Geek's blog. Shorthand here we come!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rhodia Think Offline and a lesson from Squirrels

We all love Squirrels. Whilst they (and their relatives like chipmunks) are indigenous to America, Eurasia and Africa, they have been introduced to Australia. And even though an everyday squirrel sighting is incredibly rare, we do pay them homage in our notebooks and stationery.

But these cute little guys do have a lesson for us, even if we have to use particularly tenuous metaphor to get there. The squirrel lives around trees - so forest, woodland, parks etc and they roam their woody environs happily collecting all of the data that they need to get through the day. They learn where there are predators, they learn where unsuspecting prey (insects, teeny birds and mice) likes to loiter and they learn where they can find all of the nuts and seeds that keep them alive.

Now, I know that few of us google 'nuts and seeds' but we can see an analogue emerging here. Modern sedentary man isn't roaming a forest floor because what we need can no longer be found there. We now run on knowledge and information, and the internet is super awesome for finding all of this stuff.

But just because a forest is a great place for finding a delicious acorn, that doesn't mean that it's the best place to do something with that acorn. We need a separation between the acts of sourcing and acquiring information and the act of doing something with it. That process whereby all of those bits of info get run through the Rube Goldberg machine that is our brains and ends up helping us do something useful. That's a separate system and it doesn't like pop-ups and flashing ads.

So find your info out, even get a kick our of the equally unsuspecting deviations of amusement that l'internet offers us, embrace this amazing thing, but only where it can help. When it's time to think and be creative, it really helps to close the laptop.

So this is the part we learn from Squirrels. I say this because squirrels find their acorns in the forest and then try to process them in the forest. They do this by burying them, right where they found 'em. But, (and it's an important but) Squirrels only ever find 1 in every 4 acorns that they bury...they waste all of that effort, they confuse their poor brains.

Somebody really should give them a rhodia pad...