Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Landed! Field Notes The Steno

Another brand new addition to the excellent Field Notes range and another peaceful, dreamy video about its making - I introduce the Field Notes Steno.

Durable, made in the USA, and with all kinds of handy info inside, Field Notes originals are great to take with you. But now, in response to high demand, we have a Field Notes for your desk too! In addition to the aforementioned qualities, the Steno has a couple of really cool features.

Being spiral bound, it's always perfectly flat, open or closed. This makes it great for left handers. It also has, in the name of trivia, some cool info about Stenography (hence the name 'Steno') but best of all is the Gregg ruling. Gregg ruling is a particular ruling format (used in stenography) of standard horizontal ruled lines with a vertical line right down the middle.

Try it out. Check out the video above and read an all encompassing review at the Office Supply Geek's blog. Shorthand here we come!

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