Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just Landed: New Moleskine Passions Journals!

We're really excited about a lot of all new Moleskine notebooks which are set to arrive over the coming weeks - some really special stuff is on the way! And the first such instalment of all new Moleskine journals is now available - 6 new Moleskine Passions books!

The Moleskine Passions range already has 6 of life's interests covered: Wine, Wellness, Recipe,Book, Film & Music. And now, we have 6 more! There is the Gardening Journal, Baby Journal,Travel Journal, Dog, Cat & Style Journals.

Each has a really nicely embossed cover and all of the Moleskine style and quality we should expect, as well as stickers and cool info. Now pre-printed or themed notebooks can be controversial - a lot of people don't like to surrender that valuable cellulose-real-estate to pre-determined categories and this, I can sympathise with.

But at the same time, these journals are for organising, thinking about and indulging a specific interest and for that, I really like a sub heading or two, just to make sure you've got everything down. It may seem a paradox, but a little bit of structure here and there, even if imposed, can be a window to creativity.

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