Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Landed: Paperpack!

Paperpack is a brand new label from South Korea, that lovely little place which remains the world's foremost hub of design stationery. It is a fun, ephemeral collection which takes its inspiration from magazines and novellas, a nice way to underscore the everyday role that stationery should play in our lives.

Paperpack's stated goal is to help people write their own stories...millions of words are printed every day in the magazines, newspapers and paperbacks that we read and Paperpack think we should take a little time to write our own...and I concur.

They do this with more than just a modicum of irony by designing in the ilk of those same magazines, paperbacks and periodicals - and it works. I love a paperback novel, I actually prefer the format to a hard cover hands down, because they're kind of robust, they don't mind some rough treatment and sometimes that's what we need. Who wants to molly-coddle all the time?

The paper is recycled and suitably thin - it is literally the same as the stock used for paperbacks - and you shouldn't expect the best writing experience ever from it. But, if you grab a ballpoint pen or a pencil, it's a great book to have with you and the designs are bold and really neat.

I love their tag line - Author of the Real World - it's a role we should all adopt from time to time!

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