Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Landed: Midori Japanese Stationery

Established in Japan in 1950, Midori is a Design Stationery Brand of international repute, known and admired for the harmony of its design, the ability to use sensitivity to create a strong presence.

The Midori Traveler's Notebook is a particularly impressive, indeed exquisite, leather journal and it is complemented with equally impressive brass products - pens, pencils, rulers and clips.

The official word from Midori about these products reads poetically; we hear of balance, harmony, contrast, individuality and the sanctity of free spirit. Often times, one can read language so rich in symbolism, so idyllic in connotation, and read it as empty spin.

But here, in this context and in relation to Midori, it's actually apt. There really is harmony, a kind of ineffable rightness. The Traveler's Notebook is definitely the star as far as I am concerned.

A naturally tanned leather cover filled with fountain pen friendly Midori MD paper. It's compact, robust and really really nice! You can check out a great little 'tutorial' for it online.

The other obvious thing one takes from Midori is the durability of the products. Brass pens and brass pencils age gracefully and the natural leather of the traveler's notebooks knicks and wears with a personal elegance.

As they say, simply holding Midori in your hands will bring pleasure. A seriously impressive collection.


  1. Wow... Impressive indeed.

  2. I love it!