Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Field Notes Dry Transfer Limited Edition

We get a lot of enquiries about people wanting a customised notebook, whether somebody's name on a Moleskine notebook or a theme for a Clairefontaine notebook etc. And it nearly breaks my heart every time i have to admit sheepishly that we can't help. It's such a great idea, a nice touch, a degree of personalisation that fits so snugly into the glove that is design stationery.

So i was super excited to see the latest limited edition Field Notes Dry Transfer. It's basically a Field Notes original but with the important absence of a title! It comes with an authentic dry transfer kit allowing you to title each of the three notebooks however you see fit! It's a good blend of fun and pragmatism, labels such as 'Book List' 'Garden Layout' etc etc are really handy.

But yes, it's mainly the fun part - and seeing your finished cover is really nice. It's that great moment, you know the one where after a day pruning, digging, planting and composting you take a moment to look over the garden battlefield and chalk 1 up to yourself. I did that! How the heck did I do that?

Check out the video from Field Notes which takes you through how easy it is to customise these guys!


  1. A fabulous idea. But do they have apostrophes?! J x

  2. Oh Wow! Brilliant! These are fantastic!

  3. Hi Jane
    Unfortunately they don't come with any punctuation marks. Still such a fun notebook!
    NM x