Friday, April 29, 2011

TMOD - Australian Made Interactive Stationery!

Established in 2007, TMOD is the creation of Georgie Swift and Milenka Osen, a couple of Sydney siders who finished their design studies and decided to merge a whole bunch of disciplines, aesthetics and techniques to create something new, fun and hands on.

We call it interactive stationery - now, stationery in general is the number one interactive medium - it's not just sitting and watching passively, we use stationery, so in that sense, all stationery can be termed interactive. But there are degrees of interactivity and TMOD steps it up a notch!

In a whole bunch of styles, Scratchie Cards, Rip Cards, Fold-Out Cards, Dot-to-Dot Cards, Paper Plane cards, Double Layered Cards, TMOD give part of the design process over to us, the lucky purchaser, to have a bit of fun and finish the cards off.

It's really cute - such a sweet touch - my favourite being the scratchie cards...scratchies are exciting but pretty much always disappointing (and sometimes even insulting...i mean, a $2 win is almost patronising...) but these scratchie cards leave you with the warm and fuzzies every time.

TMOD is also Made in Australia and committed to social responsibility, collaborating with Oxfam, Spirit of Youth Awards and Poetry in Braille.

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