Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leuchtturm1917 Archive Dura

Just landed this week at NoteMaker, we have the handsome Archive Dura range of desk accessories by Leuchtturm1917. I say handsome because, to me, this is a decidedly masculine style.

A graphite-lead toned card with metal rivets and edging, it's slightly militaristic and I can kind of see 'Top Secret' written on each of the labels.

Belligerence aside, Archive Dura clearly is on some 1930s-1940s tip and in more ways than just appearance. There is robustness and quality here, a nice substantial feeling. Appropriately so for something with the word Archive in the title, the connotation of longevity is apt.

The other side of this coin to me is some invocation of the academic tradition - labelling, storing, organising, all on paper, all with notes scribbled among the margins, with fluorescent highlighter ink across the page.

That frenzied excitement when you finally find a journal article of use after a handful with inappropriate methodology, and you try and suck all that info in even though you know you can't...that's why you file it for later re-assimilation.

The going over and over again is so less arduous when you're on top of it. Archive Dura can help you here. And, even if things don't go as smoothly as planned, it will last the life of your PHD.

A really great accompaniment to the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks range, which is clever enough to merit a (forthcoming) post of its own.

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