Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Cuteness!

There is potentially a lot to be blue about today here in Melbourne. Nominally, it's officially winter in two days time even though it's hard to imagine things getting much colder than they already are. And it's Monday...another long week ahead. And whilst in a state of self-pity, I may as well bemoan yesterday's punctured bicycle tyre too...

But then i checked my inbox and like an elixir awaiting my aches and pains there came a wealth of warm kraft paper, cute boxes, string, twine and wood. It was nice - it brought a smile and took the chill from our frigid warehouse air.

And that elixir's name is Skye's The Limit - new for us and Sydney-sider Skye Rogers' stationery range of earthy and heartfelt tones. So if you've just sat down and wish you were back in bed (or had to pedal several kilometres on a flat tyre recently), I hope this helps.

Gift Tags Set of 12 with super heavyweight textured card.

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