Saturday, June 11, 2011

From the iPad of Inky Pete - Why I am an iPad Fan!

The DODOCase disguises your iPad seamlessly in your bookcase.

Inky Pete is our (pseudo-)resident pen expert and guest blogger. Whenever we're considering a new range of pens or just need some help and advice about writing, we get in touch with Inky Pete and in this instance he got in touch with us and ordered the new DODOCase for iPad. We were keen to hear why Inky Pete was an iPad fan...

No need for guilt with an iPad protected from extinction by a DODOCase

I have to admit it. Sometimes I feel guilty when I embrace new technology to the detriment of my fountain pens. I know, get a life!

The DODOCase is handmade using lightweight bamboo

iPad Case or Book???

But I do have quite a few fountain pens and I love using them. No two are the same although some are technically the same pen. They all have their own personality and there is something about the feel of a fountain pen nib gliding across a quality paper that is very rewarding.
DODOCase is available in 8 interior colours including Dark Blue

Sometimes it is a dilemma for me when writing – do I use a fountain pen and my favourite Clairefontaine notebook or do I resort to my computer? Maybe even pull out my ipad? Yes, I am an ipad fan too. I’m not a total luddite.

Attention to detail is a hallmark of the DODOCase

Now at least I have an ipad that looks more like a traditional black covered note book. I’m the proud owner of a Dodo ipad cover. Hand made in San Francisco, one of my favourite cities, these covers look very much like a moleskin notebook. Traditional book cover material, a bamboo insert sculptured to perfectly hold your concession to modern technology, and an elastic closure strap.
The Dark Blue DODOCase for iPad 1 - Inky Pete's Choice

The first thing I noticed was the attention to detail. The rounded corners (small touch, but classy), the rubber corner inserts that hold the ipad securely and the book cloth lining. This is a quality product that lives up to its’ hype. You know from the minute that you ease your ipad into the cover this is a product made with love. I’ve had a few cases over the last year or so where you spend considerable time trying to get your ipad into the case or it is so loose that it just falls out. Not so with Dodo. Everything fits like a hand in a glove. Just perfect.

Looks just like an A4 notebook - but with a sleek iPad hidden inside

And best of all when you stroll into that wifi hotspot or work meeting with your Dodo case under your arm, it looks like you have an A4 notebook. I can understand why this case won Macworld’s ipad case of the year. It’s a ripper!

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