Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Inca Workstation Organiser! Made in Australia!

Another New Arrival has hit our humble little warehouse - the Inca Workstation Organiser! A beautiful stainless steel, powder coated desk accessory to tidy and brighten up even the blandest and most dishevelled of work spaces, the Inca is made by Andrew Aloisio Design.

And unlike a lot of our New Arrivals which find us from say, Germany, or France, the Inca only had to travel from Sydney, where it is designed and made by Andrew Aloisio and team. A seriously impressive piece, so bright, shiny, clean and niiice...look at how nice your pens, coffee and sticky notes will look, with thankful eyes anew from their comfy resting spots!


  1. Cool!! no more conventional pen cups, Bring it on ....

  2. Beautiful but at 80 plus dollars it is so expensive!