Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Win A Platignum No. 5 Studio Fountain Pen!

We've already mentioned our determined campaign to get a fine writing pen into every hand and so if you haven't seen our Pen Amnesty yet, you should join us as we Fight For Our Writes!

And as if you needed any extra encouragement, we've got some! Sign up to our Mailing List and you'll go into the draw to win a Platignum No. 5 Studio Fountain Pen!

Platignum is one of Britain's most famous stationery brands and is basically the one name you need to know about pens and writing in England. Click through here to read about this British icon and their many innovations from retractable ball points to secret spy pens!


  1. Ooh, crossing fingers and toes. I'm already a subscriber to your newsletter. J x

  2. My first fountain pen at primary school...last century...was a Platignum. and no I don't still have it, unfortunately. One graduated to a fountain pen after developing proficiency with a steel nib; the ink was mixed from a lethal powder and everyone had inky, smudgy fingers. Thanks for prompting me to remember this.