Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just Landed: Pocket Dept. Notebooks

It is one of the great ambiguities in the stationery world: just what is a pocket size notebook? It creates a lot of confusion too. Just recently we had somebody asking for a pocket size Moleskine notebook. So I confirmed; "That's 9 x 14cm, right?" And after a quick measurement, the reply; "No, mine here is about 13 x 21cm".

The Back Pocket

Now to me, that's a seriously big pocket but there you go. It's best we not even think about the confusion caused by a 'Pocket size' Filofax - but the point is that it is one of the most popular stationery items - a pocket notebook - but there is such variation that the term is almost meaningless!

The Shirt Pocket

Perhaps to clear the air, perhaps just because they have a really nice vintage design, perhaps just for the love of stationery, Pocket Dept. is here to fit a notebook to every pocket!

The Back Pack Pocket

Designed and made in Brooklyn, New York, USA, Pocket Dept. make thin, tough notebooks with really nice plain pages which are great for your pocket! Sorry, not just your pocket, but your Shirt Pocket, your Back Pocket, your Back Pack Pocket, your Messenger Bag Pocket, specifically.

The Messenger Bag Pocket

Check them out and make your local stationer's life a little more simple!

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