Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Styles of Filofax Organisers

In the world of design stationery there are few brands as polarising as Filofax. On the one hand, Filofax organisers have an extremely high level of loyalty and a fan following among the converted. On the other hand, a Filofax organiser can invite a kind of new-wave sneer from the uninitiated, quick to label you a Luddite.

However, as far as I can tell, albeit from the distance of a non-Filofax user, it seems that the format is more relevant than ever. In the same way that those kids in the Breakfast Club didn't actually know as much they thought they did, the previous cries of the death of paper organisation made by your friend and his iPhone seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

What we've seen is people flocking back to paper - it's reassuring and it's just safer. If you have something important to do, you write it down - to remember it now as much as to be reminded of it later. We have a lot of info coming at us all the time now and it needs to be sorted...underlined, punctuated!, and written again and again...

It's also much more difficult to accidentally delete a piece of writing and it is a longer-lasting record than any well arranged 1s and 0s. And inevitably as we have more to do, we need to write more down, we need more room and this is where the Filofax Organiser comes into its own.

If you don't want to juggle a notebook and a diary and if you like to keep various projects or people organised in parallel then the Filofax is a proven formula.

It has two other big appeals besides functionality which are trending highly in stationery at the moment. It's really well made with traditional styling and formats brought to life with new colours and finishes...this is the same appeal as the beautiful DODOcase iPad cases. An embrace of the new tempered a little by respect for the old. It's not regression, it's always been nice to have well made things.

The second point is very much so only my own opinion but i think the paper format betrays a thoughtful, thorough approach. If you breeze through life only ever tapping and flicking, it kind of seems a little arrogant to me. Just take a sec and write it down - surely getting the appointment or reminder right is worth a few seconds of your time...?

And if you have a few more seconds, you may wish to check out some of the new styles of Filofax. I could see myself carrying the Filofax Holborn organiser around just because it looks so smart!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Look Good Moleskine - New Folio Pads, Folders and Sticky Notes

Ok so we all know Moleskine always looked good, dressed in black ready to kill! But now the team at Moleskine HQ have decided to accessorise with some colour and a bit of fresh panache.

Launching 4 new ranges in Australia this month, NoteMaker are lucky enough to exclusively stock them first! There is the long awaited Moleskine Digital range including the iPad 1 casesKindle cover, the Moleskine Travel range with laptop bags, cases and bags, the Moleskine Writing range of pens and pencils, and the Moleskine Reading range with glasses and book lights.
But today we're going to have a closer look at the Moleskine Folio Professional range - with its colourful sticky notes, binders, folders and writing pads. This range works together seamlessly with all Moleskine products. This range takes on board the same design features of rounded corners, elastic straps in some instances, and the soft cover material of Moleskine.

The Folio Professional range also brings a pop of colour to your office supplies cupboard and is built with integrity, designed to last and always thinking of the creative in all of us.

Explore the complete Moleskine Folio Professional range or t
ake a closer look at our gallery page.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Arbos - Hand Made Italian Stationery!

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If I was going to go on a speed date with stationery, I would probably be pretty smitten with Arbos. Hand-Made? Check. 100% Recycled? Check. Individually Designed? Check. Made in Italy? Check. Hard to find? Check. Pretty and robust? Check!

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Arbos is a small company based in North East Italy...Solagna to be precise. While their stationery lacks the normal Italian taste for luxury and excess, it is replete with the stereotypical Italian passion and romance.

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A pseudo-reincarnation, shading of character from a past life, it may seem a little bit pretentious to think that the life of some paper is affected by the life it previously lived. It may be pretentious to think of paper as having a life at all, but Arbos's feet are firmly on the ground when they speak of re-creating paper.

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The Arbos philosophy is fairly instructive of their style: "Paper has many lives. Paper is created from a tree which dies. We don’t know where and when, but we know surely that a tree has been knocked down to give us that white sheet of paper. But as soon as it has been used and torn up, another paper can be created out of it. In the fibre traces of its first life, of the actual presence of man can now be read. It’s better to recreate than create paper"

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Their Cartapaglia is a unique blend of post-consumer fibres collected from council recycling centres. It is the most earthy, raw paper stock we've seen and each page is unique, rough and unself-consciously humble. Each page really does - visually, if not spiritually - have character and the various styles of cover binding used are equally rich in perfectly imperfect charm.

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There's depth here and as well as Arbos stands up to a stationery speed-date questionnaire, it does even better under closer scrutiny. Full of all those little endearing nicks that come with hand-making and recycling things, Arbos notebooks couldn't be less generic nor more idiosyncratic, sheet by sheet.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Landed - All New Kate Spade Paper!

Box of 20 cards & Envelopes

JUST LANDED: Kate Spade Paper is a definite staff favourite! So much colour, it's so effervescent! Hand engraved cuteness pops off the paper, letterpress loveliness shimmies on each sheet. Cards with cascading designs, hand printed, hand bordered, hand written, just makes people smile, isn't that enough?

10 Fold Over Notes & Cards

Opening the lined envelope to be greeted by cherry stripes, gold foils, elegant lithograph prints et al feels like winning some kind of fabulous prize! You expect a cheque of some outrageous sum of money! I've never had that expectation fulfilled but to be honest, I've still never been disappointed...a letterpress card with a witty thought or a wonderful thanks is just as good!

10 Cards & Envelopes

Hand-Engraved Bow Tie!

10 Fold Over Notes & Envelopes

Manners by Kate Spade (see also Style & Occasions)

10 Cards & Envelopes

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We Love G Lalo

We love G Lalo and now NoteMaker are giving you the chance to love G Lalo also with this 10% off exclusive discount code.

Simply enter the code LOVELALO at the checkout to receive 10% off any G Lalo product you purchase from NoteMaker before the end of September 2011.

Shop the complete G Lalo paper range and save on the finest of French paper, invitations and card sets.

G Lalo Verge A5 Writing Paper - Pink

G Lalo Borghese Boxed Set of Cards and Envelopes - Blue

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