Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Landed - All New Kate Spade Paper!

JUST LANDED: Kate Spade Paper is a definite staff favourite! So much colour, it's so effervescent! Hand engraved cuteness pops off the paper, letterpress loveliness shimmies on each sheet. Cards with cascading designs, hand printed, hand bordered, hand written, just makes people smile, isn't that enough?

Opening the lined envelope to be greeted by cherry stripes, gold foils, elegant lithograph prints et al feels like winning some kind of fabulous prize! You expect a cheque of some outrageous sum of money! I've never had that expectation fulfilled but to be honest, I've still never been disappointed...a letterpress card with a witty thought or a wonderful thanks is just as good!

Manners by Kate Spade (see also Style & Occasions)

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