Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Styles of Filofax Organisers

In the world of design stationery there are few brands as polarising as Filofax. On the one hand, Filofax organisers have an extremely high level of loyalty and a fan following among the converted. On the other hand, a Filofax organiser can invite a kind of new-wave sneer from the uninitiated, quick to label you a Luddite.

However, as far as I can tell, albeit from the distance of a non-Filofax user, it seems that the format is more relevant than ever. In the same way that those kids in the Breakfast Club didn't actually know as much they thought they did, the previous cries of the death of paper organisation made by your friend and his iPhone seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

What we've seen is people flocking back to paper - it's reassuring and it's just safer. If you have something important to do, you write it down - to remember it now as much as to be reminded of it later. We have a lot of info coming at us all the time now and it needs to be sorted...underlined, punctuated!, and written again and again...

It's also much more difficult to accidentally delete a piece of writing and it is a longer-lasting record than any well arranged 1s and 0s. And inevitably as we have more to do, we need to write more down, we need more room and this is where the Filofax Organiser comes into its own.

If you don't want to juggle a notebook and a diary and if you like to keep various projects or people organised in parallel then the Filofax is a proven formula.

It has two other big appeals besides functionality which are trending highly in stationery at the moment. It's really well made with traditional styling and formats brought to life with new colours and finishes...this is the same appeal as the beautiful DODOcase iPad cases. An embrace of the new tempered a little by respect for the old. It's not regression, it's always been nice to have well made things.

The second point is very much so only my own opinion but i think the paper format betrays a thoughtful, thorough approach. If you breeze through life only ever tapping and flicking, it kind of seems a little arrogant to me. Just take a sec and write it down - surely getting the appointment or reminder right is worth a few seconds of your time...?

And if you have a few more seconds, you may wish to check out some of the new styles of Filofax. I could see myself carrying the Filofax Holborn organiser around just because it looks so smart!


  1. I have 3 filofaxs, a red mini and aqua personal and A5 - I am obsessed with all stationary but diaries in partiuclar and cannot resist the beautiful colours and textures of leather filofax. Also as you say it is handy to have notebook and diary together. My only problem is that I then have less need to buy gorgeous notebooks. Is there a name for people who are obsessed with stationary?

  2. Yes! I also love it for songwriting! :D Got a hankering for the chameleon! I also own the dodocase for ipad too! Great comparison!

    Elle :)